Restart the Windows 11 PC to make sure the previous updates are installed. Make sure you have enough free space in your C drive to install the latest Windows 11 updates. There are two or more types of Windows updates for Windows 11.

In “Rescue Center”, you can create restore point in regular time. If necessary, the restore point will help recover your system to the status when you created the point. We rarely recommend the use of registry cleaners.

If you’re saddled with broken registry items, you can suffer frequent crashes and error messages, issues with apps, and generally decreased performance overall. As we have told earlier in this blog registry is a very critical aspect so we do not recommend you to make any changes to it manually. You can go for a third-party registry cleaner and repair software. We recommend usign the best registry cleaning software for Windows – Advanced PC Cleanup isa tool by Systweak Software.

Work faster and more efficiently with registry related tasks

Right-click on the Start Menu or Windows icon and select Command Prompt from the Quick Access menu. In Windows XP , the permissions of the registry can block you from editing certain keys. There are a few different ways to clean up your registry.

To empty the update cache, you just need to rename the SoftwareDistribution folder and the catroot2 folder, which stores files and signatures related to Windows Update. When you try to install new Windows Update on Windows 10, you encounter the error code 0x800f0988, but you have no idea how to fix it. This post includes four possible solutions to fix this error.

How to Fix Microsoft “Follina” MSDT Windows Zero-Day Vulnerability

If you’ve been experiencing an All DLL Files Missing error in Windows, you may be wondering how to solve this problem. The truth is that there are several different ways to resolve this problem. For one thing, you can always run a system file checker.

If you’ve previously backed up your Windows Registry, it’s possible to restore the Registry completely. Your Registry backup file ends in theREGfile extension. This tool scans your hard drive for bad sectors and fixes them automatically when possible.

The registry also stores important information like your Start menu shortcuts and pointers to applications and software. Most of these utilities prompt users to back up data or do it automatically, in some of them you have to find this option. Never start cleaning registry without creating a backup. As soon as you notice issues after the cleaner (e.g. download nvcuda_dll a program doesn’t start as it did before), it is better to restore registry.

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